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title pic Karsyn…giddie up girl!

Posted by bootygod on January 6, 2012

Here’s 26 year old beauty Karsyn. She loves to dance and booty shake and turn you on! She’s a beautiful blonde looking to have some fun…wanna play?

title pic Meet Emma Ink!

Posted by bootygod on December 10, 2011

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title pic Introducing…Kalyfornia! The new Whooty

Posted by bootygod on November 12, 2011

Here’s the newest booty shaker on the block, Kalyfornia! This white girl is from…where else…California ;o) She’s good friends with booty veteran, GreenEyed. Here she is being a naughty bandit with her handkerchief and one stocking. She’s shakin it so hard her thong’s about to fall off! check out all her videos at

title pic Virgo Peridot…the ass that won’t quit

Posted by bootygod on November 3, 2011

Here’s our girl Virgo Peridot flappin her ass in her bedroom. She’s all natural…here are her specs: 36/27/46! She’s got hundreds and hundreds of quality ass shaking videos under her belt. Stop by and take a look at

title pic Beautiful, sexy Bella

Posted by bootygod on September 27, 2011

Here’s beautiful Bella gettin her ass shake on. Bella is an experienced dancer and veteran. She’s got a smooth flow to her movements and really knows how to pop it! See more of Bella’s uncensored, full nudity videos at

title pic I have a New Booty Booty!

Posted by bootygod on September 8, 2011

Meet’s exclusive model Msnewbootybooty! She’s a 21 year old dancer with a lot of talent and attitude! MsNewBootyBooty likes to stir things up and get creative in the bedroom. She’s all woman and a whole lotta booty. Stop by and check out all her uncensored, full NUDITY videos at

title pic Bootylicious is a French Maid

Posted by bootygod on August 11, 2011

Here’s’s exclusive model, Bootylicious! This brunette’s got all the right moves and knows how to shake, shake, shake it. Here’s our girl sporting some sexy lingerie…much like a naughty french maid! She’s available for washing clothes, ironing, vacuuming, and um, other things, haha jk! Sit back and enjoy. Want to see more? go to […]

title pic 2 girls making each other Wet!

Posted by bootygod on August 3, 2011

Here’s our girls from Hotties. One brunette, one blonde…best of both worlds! Here they are on their bed, bumping and grinding. These girls sure know how to get down and wrestle. They’re playing angels and devils. One is dressed in red lingerie, the other in white. Who do you prefer? Or do you like them […]

title pic Meet MarcyDiamond and her fine Ass!

Posted by bootygod on July 28, 2011

Welcome MarcyDiamond, the newest member of the family! Marcy describes herself as a model, writer, actress, singer, and dancer. She is a sexy Whooty with a big Booty! Marcy rocks her 45 inch ass all over That’s a whole lot of ASS! Come on over and check her out at

title pic Sexy Firecrotch!

Posted by bootygod on July 18, 2011

Here’s our girl Cherrybunny in tight black lingerie. She is a musician, singer, and dancer. This 19 year old beauty knows how to get your heart pumpin! Here she is dancing and booty shaking to the Unknown. She’s got great rhythm and she’s got all the right moves! Watch more of Cherrybunny at